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Penny, the Dog of the Day

today’s Dog of the Day is Penny.  Penny isn’t ashamed to show her adorable face on a “cat” website, because she’s confident in her doghood. Penny’s Person writes:

Penny the five-year-old beagle-corgi mix.  She likes to take big blankets (or anything that smells like her humans) and adjust them into a bed.  Then she curls up right in the middle and will stay there for hours, dozing, while we go about our business.

Photo By Emily Decenback

Please send in your cat/dog/pet on quilt photos before the elephant empties the jaccuzi!

Dog of the Day

Still not ready to come out yet. Come on, Ginnie’s dog, show your face! I bet you’re adorable. Oh, and that’s  not how you use a design wall. Just saying.
cats on quilts

Photo by Ginnie.

Cats on quilts is looking for photos. Send in your photo of a cat (or other “pet”) on a quilt (finished or in process of construction) to today!