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The Kitten In The Woodpile

A Brief Interlude

ThisĀ  past Thursday, our family finally located the source of the meowing that we’d been hearing all night long for a couple of days: There was a kitten stuck in our woodpile. After freeing it, it took off into the rainy night and we couldn’t find it after searching for an hour. The next day, my husband procured a “Hav-a-Hart” trap and baited it with catfood and within 10 minutes the kitten was caught. Saturday, we took it to the vet, discovered the kitten was female and about 6 weeks old, and got her tested for FLV/FIV, dewormed and her first distemper shot – to the tune of about 120 dollars. She will need another set of shots at about 10-12 weeks of age.

June is “Adopt-A-Kitten” month at our local shelter, and probably the same for you – the spring litters are of adoptable age, and if you can, please consider adopting a homeless kitten. And if you can’t adopt a kitten, consider a donation to your local shelter – they are always in need of money, or blankets, bleach, litter, food, etc. Our other 2 cats are shelter cats.

**************************** is looking for photos of your pets helping you with your quilting projects, or just hanging out on a quilt. Send your photos to today!

Stamps to the Rescue

Cats on Quilts is happy to share news aboutĀ  the Stamps to the Rescue campaign run by the US Postal Service. Simply purchasing these adorable stamps helps feed shelter animals. If you can further open your home and heart to adopt a shelter animal, all the better.

(Panzi and her housemate, Nika are both adopted shelter cats. In fact, every pet we’ve ever had in the house – except for some fish – were rescue animals.)

I will be making a trip to the Post Office this week to get some stamps. Will you?